Plasterboard & 1st Fix electrics done

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, window lead-time has gone out to 8 weeks so likely beginning of July to be fitted.  Also, motivation to finish has waned abit, resigned at work & now will be relocating so no longer work from home, so I’ll never get to use the office!  Anyway, good progress today, finished the 1st fix electrics & plasterboard internally, now just waiting for electrician, window fitters & plasterer in that order, then I can do the flooring & finished!




Small panels of plaster board is a two folded affair, a) using up bits without buying more sheets & b) easy to allow the electrician to re-route if I’ve made a hash of 1st fix.  The curved internal walls, I basically scored & cracked a sheet of plasterboard every 40mm and put plenty of screws in.  My plasterer is very good, so I have no doubt he’ll get a smooth finish.  Stainless sockets & lights purchased so nearly there…

2014-06-22 15.26.09




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