Barge boards up

Managed to fit the barge boards today, 70mm L-section, same material at the metal cladding on the rear two walls.  All went on pretty well including the curved area which needed 25 cuts through one side of the l-section so it would curve round the bend.  Used car body filler to fill all the cuts/edges/corners so will sand then ready for the fiberglass topcoat.  I’m going to order the fibreglass kit tomorrow to finish the roof, only about £70 for 5m2, also had the quote for the window/door, a tad more expensive at £1700, however my £4-4.5k budget looks intact 🙂 Electrical armoured cable also laid and routed through to the garage/consumer unit so the remaining tasks are as follows;

– Fibreglass roof

– Order window/door (4 week lead time)

– Electric 1st fix with routing sockets/light switch

– FInish insulation/plaster boarding, 2 back walls + ceiling to go

– Electrician to Part-P installation & connect

– Plasterer to finish the inside walls

– skirting/architrave & decorate




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