Roof nearly done

Another stunning day today and was hot work doing the roof (not sure I can believe that for UK in March!), but managed to get the roof 3/4 done along with cutting a load of cedar cladding ready to fit.  This meant cutting a 10degree angle on the bottom of both the inner & outer layers to form a drip edge above the window… that will make sense with a close-up photo when fitted.  Also made a start on the final straight wall, but will leave the door frame position ‘flexible’ until I’ve cedar clad around onto that wall.  I’ll then fix the verticals & cut-out the threshold ready for the new door, final size TBC and yet to be ordered along with the window…




I have the roof metal 90degree drip edging ready to fit, apart from the curved section which will need umpteen cuts in the top face to put a curve in.  I’m thinking of doing the roof with fiberglass as ideal straight onto OSB board and will seal well on the trims etc…now back to work Monday…and a rest!


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