Great Progress

Made some great progress while off work Weds/Thurs this week, all the metal cladding is up, all joints in the breathable membrane sealed, 3rd wall up and will start the cedar cladding (which I picked up this morning) tomorrow.  Here’s a picture from next doors’ garden showing the metal cladding.  This was just to see how it would look and managed to fit all 5 sheets without cutting any as I designed the office based to match the metal cladding size/pattern;

2014-03-12 08.55.57


It may seem odd that I’m about to put the cedar cladding on when I haven’t finished the curved wall & the wall where the door goes, but I want to ensure that the door aperture (like the window) ends up on the exact edge of one of the cedar vertical battens so it looks clean, and I won’t know until I’ve finished & clad the curved wall.  Here’s the progress to date & loving the cedar cladding colour;

2014-03-13 13.08.02


2014-03-13 16.12.13


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