Building Control

After being given the all clear that my build does not need planning permission, I was advised to contact the local building control as my build is <1m from a boundary.  Rightly or wrongly, I contacted them and was advised that I could not use Cedar cladding within 1m of a boundary as not Class ‘0’ fire resistant.  This must mean that there are millions of both sheds & garden studios out there that do not meet building control!  So I now have a choice to ignore the advise or look at an alternative material.  After a bit of searching online, I found this info from Tata who make steel & page 7 indicates 0.5mm steel passes Class ‘0’ rating  I then managed to find a helpful UK based company who do 0.5mm thick steel box cladding, which when finished in dark grey looks pretty cool.  I then modeled this up in the CAD to check the the exact base size I would need & how it would look.  I’m pretty please with the outcome as I can maintain the curve as originally planned, but have no issues regarding flammability/building control;


I will probably fix some Cedar strips between the metal ribs round the door, window and curved walls and I think a bit of greenery around will help soften the overall look and the grey will be anthracite, not battleship grey 😉


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