Base done

Great weather today so managed to get 2 jobs done.  Firstly, I went over the hardcore base for about the fifth time making sure it was hard packed, using the flat base of a heavy sledge-hammer.  I then made up 5 barrow loads of relatively sloppy cement & spread out thinly and leveled.  I know the Hawklok system doesn’t need a concrete base, but I just wanted to endure the top of the hardcore was all tied together.  The second job was, after a few hours, assembling the Hawklok base into the still soft cement, which allowed me to tap each panel perfectly level.  I then easily cut the corner off 1 panel to fit next to the existing lawn edging and added some 300mm square paving slabs onto which the sub-base will rest (with damp-course membrane in place);

2014-01-11 14.48.07

Next job is to fill in the wedge shaped space up against the back fence with pea-shingle as this will be the gutter soak-away.  I’ll then fill the two channels with some more hardcore before adding the B&Q Brindle bricks to complete the edging/ground works.  It might look a bit odd the shed base being recessed, but the gardens adjacent are both 6″ below ours so drainage shouldn’t be an issue, even with the ridiculous weather of late, the sites been OK with no pooling/flooding. The sub- base frame will likely be open, probably using 75mm square fence-posts to create.  On top of this will be the OSB board sandwich around 3″ X 2″ joists with 75mm insulation in the middle, but let’s see what the weather’s like tomorrow, target for January is the office pod base complete.


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