Site cleared

Whilst I do intend to keep this blog update date in real time, a bit of catching up to do yet.  Had a great weekend clearing the site between Xmas & New Year, taking down the old shed, re-building a smaller on along side the house recycling 50% of the old shed.  I then cleared the site, dug out the foundations & filled with hardcore.

2014-01-11 09.35.23

I used a the Hippo bag collection service (expensive but cheaper than a skip) which was collected this morning;

2014-01-02 07.49.34

However, since the weekend, the weather has been atrocious, so the cleared site is under wraps at the moment.  I’m off to CES in Vegas at the weekend, so won’t get back to it until at least the 10th, but with the plastic Hawkloc base due for delivery today, I should be able to get the base down upon my return.  Here’s the sad looking site at the moment;

2014-01-01 10.33.13


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