Design complete

After making the decision to get rid of the old garden shed & replace with a garden office, first on the list was design.  After initial thoughts of just buying an off-the-shelf kit such as this offering , I soon realised that it would cost close to £5k, even if I assembled by myself.  Even this wouldn’t be fully to my taste or specification so it was at this point I decided to go for my own bespoke design, yet somehow incorporating the £15k Officepod funky look .  After a few scribbles on the iPad, this is the design that I came up with a design and being a mechanical engineer up until a few years back and in possession of a laptop/CAD program, I fairly quickly turned my sketch into a 3D 2.5m wide x 1.8m deep x 2.5mm tall design as below. 


The corner spot in the garden is just big enough for an 8′ by 6′ office, however, this would overlap with the circular lawn, so by incorporating a curved edge, it would both soften the look & not clash with my previous DIY lawn/edging.  The plan is for cedar ‘tongue & groove’ running vertically on all four walls, with the front two/curve having additional vertical cedar trim, enabling a 500mm radii curve.  I submitted this to the council and as under 2.5m tall and only occasional use, it’s unlikey to need planning permission, but will have to conform to building regulations as <1m from the site border & containing electrics.  As part of my ‘permitted development’ submission, I overlaid new & old as below to give an idea of the finished look;



The idea behind the build was that across the far end of the office, I’d have a 700mm deep x 1600mm wide desk with shelving above and a window positioned with mid-level at eyeline height when seated.  Walls ceiling & floor will be fully insulated (probably Kingspan) and the door/windows will be uPVC as per the ones done on the house recently, but in grey.  The door will also have an integral (between the glass) blind as per our back door which is a neat solution.  Early December I received notification that planning permission was not needed, so the demolition commenced…


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