Finished! :-)

Well after 7 months, finally my home ‘office’ is finished, not that I’ll ever use it as our house goes on the market next week, my new job is sadly an office based job 9:00am to 5:30pm and 75 miles away so relocating.  Hopefully the new owners will make use of my hard work.  Today I painted the walls/ceiling & laid the flooring, fitted the window blind, so just some painting touch up & gloss on the window sill to complete.  Overall very chuffed with the space/outcome & a bit gutted it won’t be my new office, as you can see, we’ll be ‘dressing’ as a gym for selling purposes;




The door has integral blinds, so picked up some window blinds the same colour from B&Q along with the Zebrano laminate flooring, no skirting, just silicone bead round the edge… would have made a great office 😦

Windows Done!

Finally, after over 8 weeks, the window/door have been fitted this morning, very pleased with the result!




Just electrics to connect, plastering of the walls/ceiling, then flooring and finished!

Plasterboard & 1st Fix electrics done

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, window lead-time has gone out to 8 weeks so likely beginning of July to be fitted.  Also, motivation to finish has waned abit, resigned at work & now will be relocating so no longer work from home, so I’ll never get to use the office!  Anyway, good progress today, finished the 1st fix electrics & plasterboard internally, now just waiting for electrician, window fitters & plasterer in that order, then I can do the flooring & finished!




Small panels of plaster board is a two folded affair, a) using up bits without buying more sheets & b) easy to allow the electrician to re-route if I’ve made a hash of 1st fix.  The curved internal walls, I basically scored & cracked a sheet of plasterboard every 40mm and put plenty of screws in.  My plasterer is very good, so I have no doubt he’ll get a smooth finish.  Stainless sockets & lights purchased so nearly there…

2014-06-22 15.26.09



Roof done

A few major steps completed now.  I ordered the window/door at a cost of £1785 in dark grey uPVC, the door is full length glass with integral blinds whereas the window is just simple with the hinge along the top.  I also received the 5m2 Fiberglass kit (£86) which I fitted this weekend (with help from my dad – mixing & passing me the resin/paint).  Here are a few photo’s in progress with matting in place, resin applied & topcoat done;









The window/door will be in dark grey, not far off the roof colour.

Barge boards up

Managed to fit the barge boards today, 70mm L-section, same material at the metal cladding on the rear two walls.  All went on pretty well including the curved area which needed 25 cuts through one side of the l-section so it would curve round the bend.  Used car body filler to fill all the cuts/edges/corners so will sand then ready for the fiberglass topcoat.  I’m going to order the fibreglass kit tomorrow to finish the roof, only about £70 for 5m2, also had the quote for the window/door, a tad more expensive at £1700, however my £4-4.5k budget looks intact 🙂 Electrical armoured cable also laid and routed through to the garage/consumer unit so the remaining tasks are as follows;

– Fibreglass roof

– Order window/door (4 week lead time)

– Electric 1st fix with routing sockets/light switch

– FInish insulation/plaster boarding, 2 back walls + ceiling to go

– Electrician to Part-P installation & connect

– Plasterer to finish the inside walls

– skirting/architrave & decorate



Cladding Done

Well after what seems a lifetime, I’ve finished the cladding… and not a full length spare!  I’ve got a guy coming round tomorrow to quote for the uPVC window & door, which will likely be dark grey, the door all glass with a metal blind integral between the panes.  Here’s a couple of shots of the completed cladding…



If the weather is good this weekend, I’ll likely get the metal edges on the roof and order the fiberglass kit.  If the weather is rubbish, plenty of insulation & plasterboard to go on the inside along with routing the sockets/light switch, prior to an Electrician coming round to ‘Part P’ the installation and hook up to the house consumer unit.  I have laid armor cabling in a trench dug alongside the fence and then attached to the house wall for most of the ‘run’, I just need to feed into the garage…